Drivers Setup

The is one of the world's most and widely used printers. It is a multifunction type of printer that is designed in the United States and can be used with wire and without wire i.e. wireless. You can connect it with a USB cable or by Wi-Fi to your device i.e. Smartphone, tab, laptop, PC's, etc. With the help of this article, you will able to install the drivers and make their use on your own device. So let's start the installation setup of the canon printer.

What do you require to set up the canon printer?

Firstly you require a printer that you have bought online or from a retail shop. Then you require a device to which you have to connect your printer i.e. PC, laptop or smartphone, or tab. A USB cable to connect the device and your source device.

What do you get in the canon box setup?

You get a printer, a USB cable, and a power cable in the unboxing of the canon printer. You also get a maintenance card and an information card with it. How it is fixed is shown in that information card.

The serial number of the canon:-

The serial number is the 6 digits as well as the letter number. It is used during the installation process of canon on your pc or laptop. You get this number written on the box or the information slip/card. You have to keep it aside or note it down for further use, at your convenience. Ex. BO08H6.

Note:- The digits may vary from 5 to 6 numbers.

How to download the printer driver?
  • In the browser of your pc or laptop which is connected to the printer. Search for the printer driver. The site page will open.
  • On that page click on the first option i.e official canon service and support.
  • On the next page, you will see 4 options i.e drivers and downloads, manuals, knowledge base articles, and additional product support.
  • Below these options, you will see a box that will ask you to enter your canon model number i.e the serial number. Canon provides the model number/ serial number on the box of the printer.
  • Enter the model number/serial number in that box and click on the Go option.
  • The next page will show the printer driver of your printer model.
  • Below that you will see a select option. Click on that option.
  • After clicking on select the download option will appear. Click on the Download option.
  • The download will automatically begin in your browser's download box. Wait for the download process to complete.
  • Here the download process is finished.

Installation Steps of canon driver

setup canon com/ijsetup
  1. After the completion of the download, the process goes into the download box of your browser.
  2. There you will see the driver setup downloaded. Double click on the setup.
  3. Then the tab will appear that will ask Do you want to allow the app would to make changes in your device?
  4. Then click on the Yes option.
  5. After that, the panel will appear that will show Language, Next, and Exit options.
  6. Click on the Next option.
  7. After that, a Software Installation list will appear. In that list only tick on MP drivers and the user's manual.
  8. Now click on the Next option.
  9. After that, you will see a page of license and agreement of canon products. Read the whole agreement and click on the Yes option.
  10. Then allow the wizard page will open, there click on the Next option.
  11. After that, the downloading and installing will begin.
  12. Let the whole process complete.
  13. Then the printer connection tab will open that will ask you to connect your device to the printer.
  14. When the connection is successful then your printer is ready to print.

Setup/fix the device/hardware

  • Firstly take the printer and the USB cable.
  • Then connect one end of the USB cable to the laptop or any other device you want.
  • Then connect the other end of the USB cable to the printer.
  • Now connect the power cable to the printer and the switch pin to the power/electric supply board. And now turn On the switch of the power board and the canon printer's power button.
  • The printer is on and ready to connect.